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Transforming Kitchen in Van Nuys, CA

When Leonard U. of Van Nuys, CA was looking to remodel his kitchen, he contacted the professionals at Specialty Remodeling Inc. located in Los Angeles County. The team at Specialty had worked hard to build a reputation for providing fast turnaround and high-quality work – all done by their in-house employees without the use of sub-contractors. With over 20 years of experience transforming kitchens throughout Los Angeles County, Leonard knew that he was in good hands. 

The first step was to assess the condition of the current kitchen and discuss options with the customer. Leonard wanted to upgrade the cabinets, countertops, and sinks while keeping the project within a two month timeframe. After discussing his vision with Specialty Remodeling’s team, it was decided that shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, and undermount sinks would be used to transform his kitchen. 

Before beginning any construction, Specialty made sure that all necessary permits were acquired from the local government and then proceeded with demolition of the existing kitchen components. The Shaker cabinets were custom built in their woodshop and then transported to the job site for installation by their experienced carpenters. The quartz countertops were then measured precisely and cut to fit perfectly into the designated areas before being affixed into place. Finally, after all other components were installed, their professional plumbers connected the undermount sink fixtures to complete the project. 

When Leonard returned home from work one day two months later, he was amazed at how quickly Specialty had been able to transform his kitchen from outdated to modern in such a short period of time! He couldn’t believe how much better his house looked and felt with just a few upgrades. 

Leonard is just one example of many customers who have trusted Specialty Remodeling Inc. with transforming their homes in Los Angeles County. With decades of experience and an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, they are well equipped to handle any remodeling project you may have – whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom remodel or something else entirely! Contact them today at +1 310-967-9339 to request more information or get started on your very own home transformation project!