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Kitchen Remodel Transform 5661 Wilhelmina Ave, Woodland Hills

When Andrew W. from Woodland Hills, CA needed a kitchen remodel, he knew exactly who to call: Specialty Remodeling Inc. This family-owned and operated business based in Los Angeles County offers fast, reliable kitchen and bath remodels done by in-house employees, so they don’t have to rely on sub-contractors to get the job done. 

Andrew decided to use Specialty Remodeling’s services for his kitchen remodel, which included new cabinets, countertops, and sinks. He chose shaker cabinets for their classic look and durability that will last for years. The quartz countertops are ideal for busy kitchens as they are highly heat resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and provide a beautiful finish that adds value to any home. For the sink, Andrew chose an undermount model which is both stylish and functional. 

The entire project was completed in under two months with minimal disruption to Andrew’s daily life. Specialty Remodeling made sure all the work was carried out safely and efficiently with no mess left behind when the job was finished. Andrew was extremely pleased with the results of his kitchen remodel and has recommended Specialty Remodeling’s services to friends and family. 

This project is just one example of how Specialty Remodeling Inc can help turn any space into something special. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is second-to-none, making them the go-to choice in Los Angeles County for all your home remodeling needs. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen or bathroom remodel or something else entirely, you can count on Specialty Remodeling Inc to deliver outstanding results every time. 

If you live in Woodland Hills or nearby areas and are considering a home remodel, contact Specialty Remodeling Inc today at +1 310-967-9339 to discuss your options. With competitive rates and a team of dedicated professionals on hand to provide expert advice and quality workmanship, you can trust them to help make your dream home a reality!