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Kitchen Remodel in Woodland Hills, CA

Specialty Remodeling Inc. is a family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles County, California. We specialize in Kitchen and Bath remodels for residential properties and offer the fastest turn-around times. All of our work is done in-house with no subcontractors used. 

We recently completed a kitchen remodel at a house located in Woodland Hills, California. The project was referred to us by a magazine advertisement and the customer’s name was Ian B. The duration of the project was under one month. 

The kitchen remodel consisted of several features including shaker style cabinets, quartz countertops, and an undermount sink. We also installed new appliances, lighting fixtures, and tile backsplashes to complete the look. 

Our team of experienced professionals worked diligently to ensure that all materials were properly installed according to the customer’s specifications. We paid special attention to details such as ensuring that the cabinets lined up perfectly with the walls and that the countertop was cut correctly for the sink installation. 

Once all of the construction had been completed we conducted a thorough inspection of all aspects of the job to make sure that everything was done correctly and up to code. This included checking for proper ventilation, verifying all plumbing connections were secure, and making sure that any electrical work had been wired correctly. Once everything passed our inspection it was time to move onto the finishing touches such as painting and installing hardware on all doors and drawers. 

In the end, we delivered a stunning kitchen remodel to Ian B. that exceeded his expectations. He was thrilled with how quickly we were able to complete the job and especially pleased with how cleanly everything had been installed and finished off. 

Specialty Remodeling Inc is proud to have successfully completed another kitchen remodel in Woodland Hills, California. Our team strives for excellence on every project we do and will continue to provide high quality service throughout Los Angeles County for many years to come!