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Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles for Grace P. 1

Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles for Grace P.

Specialty Remodeling Inc. is a family owned and operated local business located in Los Angeles County. We specialize in kitchen and bath remodels and our team of experienced professionals have the expertise to get the job done right, with the fastest turn-around time around. 

Grace P. recently reached out to us after seeing our ad in a magazine for a kitchen remodel project at her home in Los Angeles. We were able to provide her with a comprehensive plan, including detailed estimates and timelines that would ensure that the project was completed within two months. 

We started off by removing all old cabinets, countertops, sinks, and other fixtures from the kitchen area. Once these had been removed, we replaced them with new Shaker cabinets, Quartz countertops, and Undermount sinks. To further enhance the look of her kitchen, we installed all new LED lighting fixtures along with stylish stainless steel appliances. 

Next, we focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing design for the space. We used ceramic tile flooring to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that would be easy to maintain over time. For the walls, we used a neutral paint color to give the room a bright and airy feel while also making it easier to match furniture or decorations that Grace might choose for her future renovations. 

Finally, we added custom touches such as crown moulding around the ceiling line and trim around any doors or windows in the space. We also installed a bay window which provided additional natural light while also serving as an eye-catching focal point in the room. 

When all was said and done, Grace was thrilled with how her kitchen turned out! Thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication to excellence, Grace now has a beautiful kitchen that she’s proud to show off—and best of all she was able to enjoy it within two months of starting her project with us! 

If you’re looking for reliable remodeling services for your home or business in Los Angeles County then look no further than Specialty Remodeling Inc.. Our experienced staff has decades of experience in completing projects quickly without sacrificing quality—so don’t wait any longer—get started on your dream project today!