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Kitchen Remodel in Brea, CA

Specialty Remodeling inc., a family-owned and operated business located in Los Angeles County, specializes in kitchen and bath remodels. All work is done by in-house employees and no sub-contractors are ever used, resulting in the fastest turn-around possible. This case study will explore the kitchen remodel of Dennis B.’s house in Brea, California. 

The project included the installation of shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, and undermount sinks. In addition to these features, several other components were added to enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. A tile backsplash was installed along with new flooring that brought a clean and modern look to the room. New lighting fixtures were also included to brighten up the area, as well as a new garbage disposal system that improved overall functionality. 

The entire project took under a month to complete from start to finish. Specialty Remodeling inc. was referred to this project through a magazine ad, which was another example of how their superior services have attracted customers over time. From the beginning of the project until its completion, Dennis B. was pleased with every aspect of his kitchen remodel; he had nothing but praise for Specialty Remodeling inc.’s work and dedication throughout the entire process. 

In order to ensure that all customer satisfaction goals were met or exceeded, Specialty Remodeling inc.’s team worked diligently from start to finish on this project; they put extra attention into every detail so that Dennis B.’s vision for his dream kitchen could be realized. In addition to delivering quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service, they also provided detailed information about their products so that Dennis B. would understand what materials were being used during construction. 

With Specialty Remodeling inc., customers can rest assured knowing they are getting top quality workmanship combined with an exceptional level of customer service at affordable prices. Their commitment to excellence makes them one of Los Angeles County’s premier kitchen and bath remodeling companies; they strive to make sure each customer receives outstanding results while meeting all their needs at competitive prices. 

At Specialty Remodeling inc., it is always their goal to create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that will last for years to come; it is their mission statement that guides them in delivering exceptional quality at reasonable rates for each individual client who chooses them for their remodeling needs. Whether you need a kitchen or bathroom remodel in Brea or anywhere else in Los Angeles County, you can count on them for expert craftsmanship with customer satisfaction as their number one priority every time!