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Bathroom Remodel Project in Woodland Hills, California

Specialty Remodeling Inc. is a local, family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles County. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels, with all work done by in-house employees – never any sub-contractors. Our fast turn-around times are unmatched in the area. 

We recently completed a project for Sofia L. located near Woodland Hills, California. Sofia had been referred to us by a magazine and was looking to have her bathroom remodeled. After meeting with her at her home, we quickly got to work on the project which was estimated to take less than two months. 

The floorplan for this bathroom remodel included a full bath layout, with a tub/shower combo featuring tiling and a hinged door as well as one-piece toilet and vanity cabinet. We began the project with demolition of the existing fixtures and then moved onto installing new materials. 

Our team installed ceramic tiles on both the walls and floors of the shower/tub area, creating an eye-catching design while also making it easier to clean. We also replaced the existing toilet with a one-piece model that provided increased comfort while using the restroom. For the vanity cabinet, we chose an elegant solid wood option that provided plenty of storage space for all of Sofia’s needs. The final step was to install a new single lever faucet set that allowed for easy water control and temperature adjustment from the same source. 

After two months of hard work from our experienced team, the bathroom remodel project was finally complete! Sofia was delighted with how everything turned out – she said that it was even better than she had imagined! She now has an updated bathroom that looks great and functions perfectly for her daily needs. 

At Specialty Remodeling Inc., we are proud to offer quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services across Los Angeles County at unbeatable rates and fast turnaround times! If you’re looking for your own unique design or needing help updating your home, contact us today!