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Bathroom Remodel Project in Lake Forest, CA

Specialty Remodeling inc., a family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles County, recently completed a bathroom remodel for Jen C. in the city of Lake Forest, California. Referred to us by Yelp, the project was completed in under two months using only our own skilled staff and no subcontractors. 

The goal of this remodel was to provide a modern and inviting look and feel along with updated functionality. To achieve this, we started with a full bath layout that included a tub/shower combo with a hinged door, tiled walls, and a one-piece toilet. We then installed a vanity cabinet for added storage and style. 

For the shower area, we used high-quality tile that is both stylish and durable to create an eye-catching design. This tile was also used along the walls which not only provided texture but also helped visually increase the size of the bathroom. 

The vanity cabinet was selected to provide additional storage while still maintaining the overall design aesthetic of the room. It was installed at an easily accessible height so it could be used as counter space as needed. The one-piece toilet was carefully chosen to match the color scheme of the surrounding materials while providing superior performance and reliability. 

To finish off this project, we installed lighting fixtures that provided both atmosphere and illumination when needed. In addition, we applied fresh paint to give the room a bright and open feel that can be enjoyed for many years to come. 

Thanks to our experienced staff and dedicated work ethic, Specialty Remodeling Inc was able to complete this bathroom remodel project quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Our customer Jen C. is now left with a beautiful new bathroom that is not only comfortable but also provides improved functionality for years to come.