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Specialty Remodeling Inc. Delivers Bathroom Remodel Project for Calabasas 2

Bathroom Remodel Project for Calabasas, CA

When Raver F. from Calabasas, CA needed a bathroom remodel, they immediately thought of Specialty Remodeling Inc.. Specialty Remodeling Inc. is a family-owned and operated business located in Los Angeles County that specializes in kitchen and bath remodels. At Specialty Remodeling Inc., all work is done by in-house employees and no sub-contractors are ever used. This guarantees fast turn-around times and excellent customer service. 

Raver F. contacted Specialty Remodeling Inc., after seeing their ad in a magazine. They needed to have the project completed within two months, so the team at Specialty Remodeling Inc. got to work right away. Upon visiting the property, the team realized that they would need to do a full bathroom layout with a tub/shower combo and hinged door. The shower would be tiled and a one-piece toilet would be installed, as well as a vanity cabinet for storage purposes. 

The first step of the project was to demolish the existing bathroom layout and remove any debris from the site. All plumbing fixtures were also disconnected during this phase of the project to prepare for installation of new fixtures. Once this was complete, the walls were painted and new tile was installed in the shower area and flooring throughout the bathroom. The new one-piece toilet was connected according to safety guidelines, followed by installation of the vanity cabinet with countertop basin and faucet set up for optimal function during use. 

Finally, upon completion of all aspects of the project, Specialty Remodeling Inc.’s quality assurance team performed an additional inspection on all work completed before final clean up began onsite. After everything was checked twice over, Raver F.’s property was returned back to its original condition but with an updated look! Raver F. was extremely pleased with the outcome of their bathroom remodel and thanked Specialty Remodeling Inc.’s team for their hard work on such a tight deadline! 

At Specialty Remodeling Inc., quality work is always guaranteed due to our focus on using only in-house employees for all projects we take on! We strive to make sure that all customers are entirely satisfied with their projects before leaving our care – just like we did with Raver F.’s bathroom remodel! If you’re looking for kitchen or bath remodel services in Los Angeles County, make sure to contact us today at +1 310-967-9339 – you won’t be disappointed!