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Masterclass Kitchen Renovation in San Pascual

A Masterclass of Kitchen Renovation in San Pascual

Job Address: 3190 San Pasqual St, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA
Name of Client: Aulikki & Richard F.

Are you looking for a fresh and modern update for your kitchen? If so, you might want to consider a White Shaker and White Oak cabinet kitchen remodel for our client. This combination of materials
and colors can create a bright and spacious feel, while adding some warmth and texture to the

  • White shaker cabinets are versatile and timeless. They can match any design theme, from traditional to contemporary. They also offer a clean and simple look, with minimal details and
  • White oak cabinets they have a distinctive grain pattern that adds some character and interest to the kitchen. They also have a warm and cozy tone, which can balance the coolness of the white shaker cabinets. This way, you can create some contrast and depth, without overwhelming the space with too much wood or too much white.
  • For the flooring, you can go with hardwood, laminate, or tile, in a neutral or warm tone, to match the white oak cabinets.


The key is to keep it simple and elegant, and let the white shaker cabinet and white oak cabinet
kitchen remodel shine. If you are interested in this style of kitchen remodel, contact us today for a
free consultation and estimate. We are happy to help you transform your kitchen into your dream