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Transforming the Heart of the Home: A Kitchen Renovation Story in Huntington Beach, CA

We’ve got an exciting kitchen renovation story that’s sure to inspire you. We recently had the privilege of working with Dean & Cheryl, a lovely couple who reside in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA. With their love for cooking and entertaining, they were yearning for a kitchen that would be functional, yet have that show-stopping aesthetic. Boy, did we deliver!

The Design Stage

Our initial consultations focused on understanding Dean & Cheryl’s needs and lifestyle. They were enamored with the Shaker cabinet style, which is timeless yet versatile. To add a bit of a modern twist, we included custom upper cabinets with glass fronts. This combination created a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements that was exactly to their taste.

Custom Elements

One feature that got everyone excited was the microwave drawer built into the island. Gone are the days of the microwave taking up precious counter space; this sleek and convenient drawer-style microwave not only saves space but also makes it easier to access your piping hot food.

Laundry Room Facelift

In addition to the kitchen, we extended the Shaker cabinet style into the adjacent laundry room. Now, even doing laundry feels a bit more luxurious in the cohesively designed space!

The Show-Stopper: Quartz Countertops with Waterfall Effect

When it came to choosing countertops, Dean & Cheryl decided on Quartz. We proposed adding a waterfall edge to give it that cascading visual drama and they were instantly sold. The result? A stunning focal point that elevates the entire kitchen.

All About the Sink

An Undermount sink seamlessly integrated into the Quartz countertop brought in an additional layer of sophistication. Its clean lines make cleanup easier and contribute to the uninterrupted flow of the countertop.

The Final Reveal

When the project was completed, Dean & Cheryl were thrilled with their new kitchen. “We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The team at Specialty Remodeling Inc was attentive, skilled, and really understood our vision,” Dean told us.

Cheryl added, “It’s not just a kitchen; it’s the heart of our home now. The renovation process was a breeze with Specialty Remodeling Inc taking charge.”



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